MAGGI Masalas of India

India is richly diverse country with countless culture ,language and cuisine. Each of these cuisine have their own signature taste and aroma thanks to use the unique herbs & spices particular to its region.Inspired by the diversity ,maggi has created a special range of masala noodles, aptly named “Maggi Masala of India” so you can enjoy wide variety of flavours in 2 mins


Price :- These maggi noodles retails for ₹20.

The 4 different flavours from the Masalas of India reflect the combinations of Indian spices from different regions of India.

DSC06920North: Amritsari Achari which is seasoned with pickle-spices for a tangy Achari experience. Red chillies, kalonji, cumin and coriander are the key ingredients.

Experience:- Overall taste of this maggi was average it does tastes achari but i really didn’t like the taste of fennel seeds in the maggi.

Rating:- 1.5/5

Next, comes Mumbaiya Chatak with cinnamon, star annise, kasuri methi and cloves. This represents the West region of India. Mumbai where we all love our chatakedar foods, this seems a good representation of the region.
Experience:-  I really like the taste of this mumbaiya chatak maggi but i could not relate it to any mumbai dish. Overall i will definately repurchase it.
Rating:- 4/5
Then comes from the East: Bengal Jhaal with aniseed, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin and kalonji. The East represents high usage of mustard in their food and with a lot of spice.
Experience:- Apart the ingredients their was nothing bengali in the maggi. Taste of the maggi is overpowered by its spice level its bit too spicy in my opinion.
Rating:- 2/5
Last but not the least the South: Super Chennai with curry leaves, sambhar powder, tamarind and mustard seeds. I liked this one too. Lots of curry leaves with sambhar taste not much of a tamarind though. I think a perfect representation from the South.
Experience:- Overall taste of this maggi was good.It has very mild flavour of sambhar. worth trying once 😛
Rating:- 3/5

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