Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin 48 Hr Roll on Deodorant

The summers are here again. Hot, sweaty and drippy. Stinky too! The kind of season when you always need a deo handy! Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin 48 Hr Roll on Deodorant takes care of all your sweat related problems, including darkening of underarms and roughness of skin. Oh and yes, it smells great too and keeps you fresh. So say Yes to sexy sleeveless party dresses in this hot summer season without worrying about darker under arms and bad odour.

DSC06460Price & Availability: This roll on retails for Rs.185 for 50 ml. You can also buy it online on

Shelf life : Best before 30 months.


Packaging & Texture: It comes in a cute transparent glass bottle with a wide plastic roll on and a white screw top which makes it super travel friendly. The applicator is a plastic round ball which rotates as you swipe it on your armpits revealing small amounts of product with every swipe. It has semi transy non-sticky liquid, which dries out within few seconds and doesn’t leave any whitish or powdery cast like other antiperspirant deodorant sprays do.


Fragrance: I really loved the mind fragrance it has which stays all day long. It keeps you smelling fresh all day. Even after sweating a lot in these hot summers, the deodorant stays intact on the armpits and the fragrance does not fade away at all, which means once you have applied this, you can forget about the bad odour the entire day.


  • Visibly fairer and smoother underarms.
  • 48 hr reliable antiperspirants protection.
  • feminine long-lasting fragrance.
  • Skin tolerance, dermatologically proven.

My experience: To be honest I was never a roll on girl. I have always used only spray deodorants and this is my first ever roll on deodorant. But, I am so happy with this product. It does live up to its claims ! But, you can only see the difference over a period of time with regular usage. Since I don’t have much dark underarms but it did wonder to my bit pigmented underarms area. The roll on has natural ingredients such as Vitamin C and avocados extracts, which reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer underarms. I use it daily since the day I purchased it. The best time to use it after bath, just roll it 2-3 times on the underarm area and that’s all. Though, I cannot promise for the 48hr protection but yes it does prevent body odour up to 12 hours with its refreshing mild fragrance and the fragrance remains intact whole day without fading. I really liked this product and yes, I will be repurchasing it again! I highly recommend this to everyone.

Overall Ratings: 5/5


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